17 27 year old dating

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In both of these instances, the requirement for the age difference is that the minor must be UNDER 16. This can lead to stalking, false complaints of rape and other issues based upon the immaturity and the inability of that party to accept the end of the relationship.

Many times when a minor gets involved with an older person they are doing so for dependency reasons and they cannot handle the termination of the relationship.

I dont pay her bills or tell her what to do or not do in any venue of her life.why would it be any of my business how old her husband is so long as she is happy and he treats her good?

Now, if you want to get me started on a whole different tangent, then we could discuss the biological implications of why men are attracted to younger women, why women are attracted to tall, strong men (bet you didn't know that it was because of your DNA, did you?

), why men are attracted to women of certain body types, etc.? i have never been attracted to guys around my age because they were never mature and acted like children.

My God, if pontificating about the love lives of other people is the best we can do with our free time, then it's no damn wonder our country and the world is in the sorry state it is currently in.

Wondering whether or not other people agree with you that it's wrong is utterly pointless, because the bottom line is that it isn't for you or anyone else to judge what they do in their own lives. I agree is they are legal consenting age it really shouldn't matter.

Nida brought 17-year-old Immanuel Pursel with him, and Pursel was the one who wound up shot by Cook’s boyfriend, who was waiting to rob them.

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