Cougar chatbot - 2016 itemupdating

by  |  25-Oct-2017 11:11

However today my colleague found that event receiver is triggered only in Taxonomy Hidden List, but not on the exact supplier custom lists.

The reason why my tests worked – is because event receiver was provisioned using elements manifest to all lists with specified list template id = 100 (custom lists).

uri=spotify:artist:4Kfw TCNq T3g Xele8WP3s5b&size=detail&theme=light So for the past week or so I’ve had this looming issue hanging over my head that I would try to nail down in-between other issues that I swear was going to be the death of me.

I knew whatever it was had to be something really simple that I kept overlooking and something that, when I finally figured it out, would be quite .

You determine that it’s not the case and you want to inform the user.

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