A survey of dynamic software updating validating a checkbox in asp net c

by  |  09-Feb-2017 04:42

We compile programs specially so that they can be dynamically patched, and generate most of a dynamic patch automatically.

Our framework ensures that an update cannot be applied at a time that would violate type-safety.

Those systems that permit it support only a very limited class of updates, and generally provide no guarantees that following the update, the system will behave as intended.

We tackle the on-the-fly updating problem using a compiler-based approach called dynamic software updating (DSU), in which a program is patched with new code and data while it runs.

NET engine automatically converts this mix of static HTML content and Web control syntax into a class.

The role of this auto-generated class is to create the namespace).

This dissertation makes the case that programs can be updated while they run, with modest programmer effort, while providing certain update safety guarantees, and without imposing a significant performance overhead.

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