radioactive dating methods beyond 60000 years - Accommodating guests at home

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• Find out if your guest takes milk or cream in their morning coffee, or what their favourite meal is prior to their visit.Offering them a hot cup of coffee or their favourite pancakes will surely brighten their morning.• Use entertaining as an opportunity to do some ‘spring cleaning’ anytime of the year.

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Available space in the closet and drawers will make your guests feel at home.

• Have fresh towels and blankets available for your guests.

The property benefits from a cinema room, a pool table and a modern heating system, creating a warm house to enjoy all year round.

WOW FACTORS: * Cinema Room * Games Room * Luxury Interior * Pool Table * Close to Beach * Located in a National Park * Mayfield House is an outstanding modern country house completed in 2012, designed in the Palladian style to an exceptionally high standard and providing accommodation of elegant proportions.

Foldable chairs, like the Coleman Comfort Smart Suspension Chair, provide guests with an innovative flexible suspension system to ensure comfort.

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