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There are charming stories of emerging characters like the "piano man" who improvises songs to the chat buddies that he encounters.There's also the potential thrill of a brush with a celebrity - popstar Katy Perry has said she is a fan of the site.

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Chaque fois que vous passerez sur le bouton "suivant", une nouvelle personne apparaitra et vous pourrez communiquer avec elle.

D'où le nom du concept : le "tchat roulette français".

As part of his experiment Mr Neistat connected with 90 people in one afternoon.

He described them as mostly young, with a ratio of 71% male, 15% female and 14% "pervert".

RJMetrics used Chatroulette Map, a site that, as the name indicates, shows where people are surfing to Chatroulette, to analyze a representative sample of 2,883 conversations.

Adult english chatroulette cam pics

Einige der Girls sind sogar bereit für ein geiles Live Sex-Date, sofern alles passt und man sich gut miteinander versteht.…
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