Allen payne dating demetria mckinney dating game other age guide

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You spend so much time trying to work and being interpreted by fans, executives and people in Hollywood, that you can lose a sense of yourself.

You’ve got to get back to that.” Payne also revealed that he has no major plans regarding his work currently, and that the only thing he plans to do is to do his part and "just try to leave a legacy of a brother who worked hard, who understood who he was and spend a lot of time trying to help others reach that same point in their lives." These are quite Bold words coming from a wise man indeed.

So who knows, Allen may have a different world than what we see him in the media.

But for now, we cannot say anything about his married life and family.

He was born in Harlem, which lies in New York City in the United States of America.

He belongs to black ethnicity black, and his nationality is American.

No information about who his wife is or his kids has come forth.

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