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Thus, it can be difficult to outline what exactly reality TV is and what reality television isn’t., which show everyday people in a prolonged living environment ultimately competing for a contest would definitely be considered reality TV.The network suits are as craven as ever ("Are you serious?

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Grousing about a deficiency of bikini action around the pool, he says, "It's too much talking.

It's like a Merchant Ivory movie." Stick with it, and "Un REAL" zeroes in like a laser on the way these shows reduce everyone to stereotypes, and how the participants play along -- through cajoling and pressure, but also a warped desire for their 15 minutes of fame. They coax an African-American student activist to participate (or "blacktivist," as Quinn calls her), dismissing her concern that "Black girls only last a couple weeks on those shows." And naturally, they seek to create friction between her and a Southern contestant, who is prodded to wear a Confederate flag bikini.

While shows like this do in fact involve the reality of Steve Irwin (for this particular example) doing things in his life, in real time and in situations that are real for him, the reality of the program is very far removed as reality for everyday people.

While Steve Irwin’s show would probably not be considered traditional reality TV, you could make a strong argument that while onscreen Steve Irwin is doing things he might do during his normal job, even if the show is scripted to portray a particular theme for that week.

At times, "Un REAL" feels like it's trying a little too hard.

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