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Last year, I wrote about a new study that looked at how to get people with long-term anorexia (aka, severe and enduring anorexia nervosa, SE-AN) to stay in treatment. Still, I was determined that I could therapy my way out of my problems.It’s been a thorny problem in the field of eating disorders, because treatment drop-out is a big problem, both in research and in clinical practice. If my life didn’t suck so badly, then maybe I would be motivated to eat.

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She introduced herself (as if introductions were necessary) with, "Ronda here.

My favorite Pokémon is Mew and I used to moderate a Pokémon forum." That kinda would have been enough in its own amazing way, but there was more!

And indeed, they did show both an improvement in quality of life and some small improvements in ED thoughts and behaviors.

The question they couldn’t answer, however, was which led to which. Although neither of the treatments used for SE-AN focused on weight or behavioral change and instead focused on improving quality of life, they found that improvements in eating and weight were the only things that actually predicted improved quality of life.

They found that BMI at baseline was significantly associated with ED-related quality of life, such that individuals with a higher BMI had, on average, a higher quality of life.

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