Beminnen dating ji friend

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Coming from a village in Belgium which had lost one out of six people in the war, with a mother who was hit by a piece of a wondering bomb, I have always hated war; but who would have taught that other wars of another kind, lay ahead of me ?I was young and wanted a girl and a family, children which I indeed could talk more with about life, than I and my father did.

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He sometimes, like other workers said to me "I hope you will not follow in the footsteps of your father, who works to hard".

Like some older workers who had spent their life in the mine, I thought the good for a growing boy to learn how to work hard, but there is a difference between working and child labor.

A lot in life was about having the wright connections and going along with how society is organized and what your environment wants you to do.

If you refused to go in the army, well you had to obtain for civil services and one lost an entire year again once more.

I passed an exam with 9OOO people and they needed only 900.

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