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My ex-husband has decided that he no longer wants to live in this town.

Yesterday he went for an interview in the city of Batman, on the other side of Turkey.

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The judge turned to me and started asking questions but he had a squeaky voice and spoke too fast for me to understand him, despite my newfound passion for conversing in Turkish, wherever I went.

At this point, I decided I needed a translator and a mad dash was made around the courthouse to find one for me. He had a nice smile and introduced himself nervously. My ex-husband and me thanked everyone, smiled and walked out.

The secretary called us in to finalise the formalities but we were still playing around like a couple of children. We stood there, arm in arm, smiling and laughing and declared we were not happy and wanted different things in life. Wait outside for the judge to call you” they said with a confused look on their faces. His chair was elevated on a wooden bench and we sat separately at desks opposite each other.

The office staff looked at each other with raised eyebrows and repeated the question three times. A woman taking notes on the computer introduced us and the procedure started.

Even more strange, is while the marriage break up was stressful, the divorce that followed was rather comical and to my surprise, it is very quick and easy to get divorced in Turkey. I had always refused to spawn any devil children and we had no major assets between us.

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