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In addition to counselling, Calgary Counselling Centre also offers a relationship group and workshop.

Group and Workshop Strengthening families is a group dedicated to couples who are experiencing a combination of domestic conflict and substance use.

In 2016, 22 per cent of our clients reported that they were coming in for counselling for a problem, relationship or otherwise, they had for one to six months, while 29 per cent of clients reported they had the problem for five years or longer.

Don’t wait until your problems are severe, the sooner you get support for your relationship, the better.

In reality, the counsellor helps couples learn new ways of dealing with challenges in a more productive way.

Couple’s counsellors have many tools that can help partners understand and change their own patterns of interaction that may contribute to relationship challenges, while allowing each partner to remain true to their own personal values.

Couples with these characteristics are more likely to have a healthy relationship and know how to communicate effectively with each other.

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