re consolidating - Cam to cam adult community

by  |  30-May-2017 06:39

If you enjoy working with the public, have good decorating skills, or enjoy merchandising with wonderful and unique items then this is a great way to share your talent or interest!This is a new service for senior citizens, which depends completely on adult community volunteers with the appropriate expertise.

Cam to cam adult community-15

Build “Flu Season Survival Kits” with over the counter cold medicines.

And of course, holding a toy drive to share toys at Christmas is always wonderful.

Groups of all ages are always welcome to schedule a guided tour of the ministry to see how CAM serves the community.

We love to share ideas about how youth can make a big impact in small ways. All basic food items are needed, but especially: • Spaghetti Sauce • Boxed Cereal • Ramen noodles • Spaghetti Noodles • Macaroni and cheese • Dry Beans & Dry Rice • Canned Meat – Chili, Tuna, Chicken, Vienna Sausage, etc.

We will tell you about the Florida license requirements, how to obtain a Florida License and we will give you information about the state exams.

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