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In implementing Free Valve technology, manufacturers are able to do away with expensive parts such as the throttle body, camshaft, cam drive, timing gear and cover, wastegate, pre-catalytic converter systems and direct injection systems.

The comparative Free Valve engine is 20 kilograms lighter and much more compact, saving 50mm in height and 70mm in depth, which allows manufacturers exciting new vehicle design and packaging options.

The ‘Qamfree’ engine will be powering a Qoros 3 hatchback that has been modified specifically for the Guangzhou show.


Qoros debuted the Qamfree engine with Free Valve technology in a concept car at the Beijing Motor Show, in April 2016.

Called ‘Qamfree’ in the Qoros application, Free Valve uses a pneumatic-hydraulic-electronic actuator to replace the traditional camshaft-based method of controlling valve operation in an internal combustion engine.

It also offers groundbreaking benefits to vehicle owners in terms of a near 50% increase in both power and torque, while actually reducing fuel consumption.“ Christian von Koenigsegg, CEO of Koenigsegg Automotive AB and Chairman of the Board at Free Valve AB said “This move closer to mass production of Free Valve technology is also a first baby step towards the promise of important reductions in CO2 emissions.

This will be boosted with the eventual widespread adoption of Free Valve technology in the automotive industry.” This new display at Guangzhou marks the first driveable Free Valve prototype engine assembled with mass production in mind.

This represents a 47% increase in power, a 45% increase in torque and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption when compared to a traditional camshaft engine with similar specifications.

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