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“He appears to be of Middle Eastern decent and was presenting himself as if he is Muslim, but it is so early in the investigation and all of that needs to be confirmed,” said a police source.

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He said they will be able to determine if the suspect is someone who was on law enforcement’s radar, what his medical and mental health status may have been, and if there were previous episodes or planning.

• “My information is that the attack was unprovoked, the person did walk in and certain comments were made that we’re fully investigating right now that hopefully will be able to assist us.” • “Both (victims — Canadian Forces personnel) are non-life-threatening injuries.

There they will have the opportunity hone their fighting skills by confronting conventional and hybrid threats in a joint, integrated, multinational environment.

This year the exercise will last from May 23 to June 6.

“No stone will be left unturned.” It is too early to consider this a terror attack, but sources say what happened is frightening in light of the fact that Canada in 2014 lost both W. Former Canadian Armed Forces lieutenant-colonel Tony White, who is now a security analyst in Ottawa, said no matter what the outcome of the investigation, what happened Monday is disturbing.

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