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But after leaving them from our meeting date at the cafe, -we don't fuck on a first date- Laura said to me. With that she released my cock and went to take a shower, her usual sign that sex was over. We had sex every night that week, until the day Laura and Aurora went to the club interview without me. If everything went right the next saturday we'd assist to a legit orgy with my sister in law in tow, and maybe I'd have the chance to fuck her. We weren't even near the first couple to bring in their sister in law. Whichever room Laura enters, I will be in the foyer of the first floor or the staircase of the second. -Oh I want to fuck those too, but I've wanted to fuck you since I saw you fucking my sister one time you two stayed at my parent's and I watched you fuck. Her lips were open by her fingers and she looked very wet.

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