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A crowd began singing a hymn with the refrain, 'Jesus said I am the way to heaven.' As the grave filled, the grieving crowd sang: 'Jesus, show me the way.'The violence in three mostly Christian villages appeared to be reprisal attacks following the January unrest in Jos - when most of the victims were Muslims.There is a long history of local tension between Muslims and Christians.Quartz also cited Chinese reports indicating that a local Muslim community complained about the group trying to evangelize to them.

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In one area alone, five babies and 28 children aged five or less were killed.

Rubber-gloved workers pulled ever-smaller bodies from the dump truck and tossed them into the mass grave.

In Dogo Nahawa, a village three miles south of Jos, residents said the dead included a four-day-old infant.

Those who survived claimed their attackers shouted at them in Hausa and Fulani - two local languages used by Muslims.

The killings represent the latest religious violence in an area once known as Nigeria's top tourist destination, adding to the tally of thousands already killed in the last decade in the name of religious and political ambitions.

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