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From the late 1980s up until 1994, she had been associated with this subculture, which treated homeschooling as part of a religious movement. The defense had argued that Seelhoff ran a Christian ministry rather than a magazine, and that when her peers used her brief divorce announcement in Tacoma’s as an opportunity to appropriate her subscriber list and publicly shame her, they were simply doing what any upstanding, concerned Christian would: correcting a wayward sister while protecting others from her downfall. Why, Duffy now wanted to know, did Seelhoff fail to publish an issue of in summer 1994?

Its architects, often referred to as the “four pillars,” saw homeschooling as a mandate for conservative Christians, a way to raise up Bible-centered future leaders. Just prior to the issue’s scheduled release, Seelhoff’s former pastor, Joe Williams of Calvary Chapel in Tacoma, read from the pulpit (during a church service she did not attend) a “letter of discipline” accusing her of “an adulterous affair with lying.” “Because it was a time of great difficulty for me personally, my family,” Seelhoff replied. The phone was ringing off the hook [and] I was pretty devastated.” She was definitively on the outs with the “pillars.” “I still don’t know to this day why they felt it was appropriate to do what they did,” says Seelhoff, now 65, of what she refers to as her “excommunication.” She spoke by phone from her home on a small farm in Gig Harbor, Washington.

She homeschooled her own children and made her living speaking and writing about motherhood and home education.

In the five years following the 1989 launch, the number of homeschooling families in Washington more than doubled, from 5,536 to 13,584.

But they are in peace." Birmingham celebrates Dia de los Muertos Bare Hands Gallery in Birmingham will have its 14th annual Dia de los Muertos festival, a remembrance of lost loved ones, on Wednesday, Nov.

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