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The word cack is an Old English word for excrement or dung.Cachus was Old English for a privy, and both words come from the Latin cacare, to defecate.

A slightly derogatory term, sometimes meaning no more than a hanger-on. When the expression came into being, Newcastle had been an important coal port (supplying London, for instance) since the 13th century, and no one had any need to take coal there.

In former times, before the establishment of modern standards of organisation, discipline and self-sufficiency, armies in camp or on the move were accompanied by large numbers of vagabonds and other civilians who provided services as prostitutes, washerwomen, sellers of food and drink, etc. Usually said to originate from the beer-can which one soldier, probably the newest recruit, carried for all his companions.

If the drip rolled off the drinker was obliged to fill up and drink again, eventually ending up 'on the floor'.

Originally, aspersion was the action of sprinkling somebody with something, usually water - it was commonly used of one form of Christian baptism, for example.

Another version of the expression is 'carry the can back', which implies the additional menial task of taking the empty can back to the quartermaster's stores.

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