Customer reviews christian dating sites uneducated and college degree dating

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Called customer service again and could only get voicemail. Ever since they have made these changes, I have not had ONE single match and I've only had one profile view (In a whole year's time).

I'm not quitting yet because there seems to be decent people there but it is very aggravating. I've blocked 4 men for scamming, reported them, they can't spell English, are looking for e-mail right in the first conversation, just don't even fall for it. The one "real" person I've talked to was out for sex. I used to get several matches per week and two or three profile views per day. Red flag, they started right in using words like "intrigued", "knowing you would be my greatest desire", "extra spark in my step" "thought about you all night", "you look charming and stunning and is hardly to get my eyes you" (the actual bad use of English) and "wrap our legs together".

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He should have recognized me because it had only been a couple days.

One man could not make a phone date, he simply didn't understand what "I'll call you at " meant.

Here is a cut and paste: "" Greetings to you, Am William by name..

I put God first in anything am doing because he has been a wonderful God to profile intrigues me so much and i wouldnt mind getting to know you more better.

At least 11 of the men that contacted me were scammers. And after texting a guy for 2 months turns out to be he confessed he was 23 years old from Nigeria and that they were a group of them doing these to get money out of women I did not give him a cent.

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