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Schools are run by a board of School Governors working together with the school staff to help ensure the very best education for all pupils at the school.

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“that the ancients had devices for improving the acoustics of large buildings, besides their better knowledge of the requisite proportions, which we have lost altogether; for in the days of the vast ancient theatres, such as the Coliseum at Rome, ten times as many people could see and hear as in modern churches. Other suggestions are, that they were for wine, etc., to drink success to the commencing building; for dove-cotes or columbaria; for warming apparatus; for ventilation; but most probably for acoustic purposes.

And they had a peculiar contrivance of horizontal pots along the seats, which are understood to have augmented the sound in the same way as a short and wide tube presented to a hemispherical bell when struck, augments its sound.” Hence the jars, which have been occasionally discovered during the restoration of certain churches in different parts of the country, have generally been considered survivals of this old custom. The question first received the attention of French archæologists upon the discovery at Arles; and was a second time brought under their notice, in 1861 by a Swedish architect and two Russian architects, who made inquiry of the Parisian savants as to whether “cornets” or pots of baken earth were found in the interior walls, or the vaults of French churches, as was frequently the case in the churches of Sweden and Denmark.

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Below the jars in the north side was discovered a very remarkable arrangement consisting of two soundholes, made apparently for the purpose of carrying the effect into the north aisle.

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