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by  |  24-Jul-2016 23:50

Any man who is looking for something serious will take you on a real date. All it takes is a little bit of investigating and some social media stalking to find out if he’s a player or not.

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I can't see a reason to ever be intimidated by our genepool.

While it never hurts to be easy on the eyes, confidence goes a long way. (And really, in my experience many women in Dallas dress/groom for other women as much as for men..don't really notice the eyelash extensions and the Prada shoes! But EVERY woman is not hot and even an average or less than average woman can be very successful in the Dallas dating scene if she has a good personality.

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I was just wondering because that seems to keep coming up in threads.

If you’re looking for something casual, then you might not be bothered by him leaving.

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