Dating ahmed

by  |  25-Jul-2017 04:41

“Down for halal sex.” I snorted and sank further underneath my cherry-red duvet.The midafternoon sunlight pushing through the blinds cast a glare on my phone, making it hard to view the man whose dating profile I’d stumbled on.

The chances of me physically meeting someone was close to zero.

There was one man who lived in my vicinity, but it sounded like he essentially wanted a Muslim woman to babysit his future children.

He was straightforward and had an equally linear understanding of everything from politics to marriage. He was ready to be a husband and father and to “take care of someone.” That was it, and it didn’t matter that he was still a teenager.

To him, all of America was racist, so there was no point in me living there. I shouldn’t have accepted his connection request in the first place, but I was curious.

This was a profile on Minder, a Muslim dating app that mimics Tinder but is aimed at helping Western Muslims find a spouse.

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