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everybody will respect you more for it." Jones replied, "Dude the truth is I would never do steroids, I put that on my children and I put that on my Heavenly Father." No ruling yet ... The NFL Player's Association has said the arbitrator overseeing Ezekiel Elliott's appeal of his 6-game suspension was trying to issue his decision by end of business day on Tuesday -- but so far, nothing yet.The operative word in that sentence is "trying" -- we're told the arbitrator has a lot of material to comb through and wants to be thorough ... Meanwhile, Ezekiel appeared in a courtroom in Sherman, Texas where he filed documents in federal court asking for a restraining order against the NFL, barring the league from enforcing punishment stemming from the domestic violence investigation.

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I know it's a pretty cliche excuses, but that's the truth.

Though I still have loads of works to finish during this exam weeks, I really think I need a break from those piles of papers sitting on my desk...waiting to be mark...

I had to order 3 LEGO-cakes as SN jr was asking why only abang & adik get the cakes.

Eventually, my 3 year old boys didn't really understand the concept that you only get your birthday cake on your birthday.

Jay said he paid no mind to Kanye targeting him, but going after his family crossed the line.

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