Dating foreigners korea

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“She was pretty, but you have a big head and she had a big head.

If it worked out, you would have made alien babies.” – My sister “Brent, she was too tall.

The isolation from other foreigners and the communication barrier with the locals has easily extended my droughts of singleness. I mean we don’t initiate relationships through purely lustful methods like making out with strangers in bars.

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Expat women tend to assume that all expat men have yellow fever. While there are plenty of male expats who reserve themselves for Koreans, I have plenty of friends (myself included) who prefer women who are easier to communicate with.

This doesn’t mean we date people with a certain English proficiency based on a test, but that we date girls who understand the nuances of our language, humor and our culture.

After all, being single forces us to step out and experience new things. As an individual learns from watching Into the Wild, “The core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences.” But, don’t let that self-improvement hot garbage fool you; Korea can be a brutally lonely country for expats. A girl may decide I am eligible for dating within five minutes of meeting me, but if she doesn’t receive adequate water and sunshine, the relationship will never blossom.

Despite how independent you are, most people hit a wall at some point during their time here. The problem is, unless people work together, different schedules and distances apart hinder the necessary time for proper courtship.

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Dating foreigners korea

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