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And if you’re a woman, plunged into a society where men vastly outnumber women, and where marriage is the norm, it’s even more so.

Make the expat move with a spouse and children in tow, and you’ll slot relatively easily into a life filled with play-dates and school runs, and make friends through both.

However, moving to the area without a spouse and children can be a daunting and sometimes isolating experience.

Despite its modern façade, Qatari is still a deeply religious and traditional society. Religion might not play a role in your life, but it’s kind of a super heavy deal in Qatar.5.

Arranged marriages are still the norm, and until recently marrying one’s cousin wasn’t considered weird or unhealthy. And they super especially don’t date infidel westerners. Whoever the girl ends up with will almost certainly have more money than you, simply on the basis of them being Qatari.4. A million other reasons including the reaction of friends, society, the inability to go anywhere together and basically ‘reasons’.

You might get away with linking arms, but that’s about it. However, even though you may see the occasional pair of hot pants, expats are expected to dress modestly in all public areas, even in 40°C temperatures.

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