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Based on exclusions already known to the official, many can be quickly marked as such. Families, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and coroners, victim advocates, and the general public will be able to search for matches between missing persons and unidentified decedent records.” The “linking” between the missing and the unidentified databases has began.

Manual searches were already possible and have been moving forward.

No one “knows” what happened to her, and no one has seen her. Find The Phase III (2009) – “In Process” “Release fully searchable Nam Us system, which will search cases in the missing persons database against cases in the unidentified decedents database in an effort to identify unidentified human remains and solve missing persons cases.” This means that officials using Nam Us will have a stream of possible matches showing as pending in their control panel / dashboard.

In an effort to find her and others who are missing, Gina’s sister, singer-songwriter Jannel, launched the G. It is very much a process of elimination at that point.

The clothing was positively identified as being the clothing Jill was wearing at the time of her disappearance.

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