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Often we either watch everything we eat or we eat everything in sight.

Finding balance in life is vital to dating and preparation for marriage.

As you set goals and work towards them, you will find life more enjoyable and the journey easier to walk. Hales Sister Paige Holland told us something interesting at a Valentine’s Day fireside at UVU last year. From the anxiety of asking, to the excitement of yes, and the defeat of a no.

She also said, “Go on dates, and if you are not getting asked out, do what you need to do, but go on dates.” She then added, “Don’t be afraid of blind dates! It is 100% ok for a girl to ask a guy on a date, but it is 100% not ok for the guy to expect girls to ask them. I can’t speak for ladies, but here is the deal about us guys.

It is learning to not be selfish, but to think of others.

Your future wife/husband should always come before you. But remember, whereas your future spouse should be in front of you, never put them in front of God.

For those who end up in the dating phase of life longer than they planned it becomes one of their greatest trials to endure cheerfully.

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