Dating rogers big r drums

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Dating rogers big r drums

the "Buzz" words in Rogers drums are Cleveland and Dynasonic...

if you see a Big "R" logo on a Rogers drum run far far away.....a couple of sites to look at for info and also ask questions: Maxwell is a Rogers inficianado..LOVES him some rogers.not only collects but buys and sells...he's had some Incredible Dynasonics is a great site cause it has a Lot of the serial numbers and what dates corespond to them...

As for the rest of your post, I am unaware you attacked my "Prescious Collection" as you put it, in any way, in any of the previous posts in this thread or any other, either on this forum or any of the other drum forums.

There was nothing in my post to warrant the response you made. I'd settle for a londoner 5 from that era, but would really love a twin kick eight peice.

I guess I'm a purist at heart though..CBS bought the Rogers name the line went down hill...

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