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by  |  03-Aug-2016 12:43

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It’s your third interaction and you’re going to be changing scenery. You’re in good shape, second date is an awesome time to go for the first kiss.

The time you start at the front of the park is almost like one and then later you guys went to the Quad or whatever. Some people are giving some really cool advice, like I see right here, wait until the end.

I think that’s awesome because it’s actually like a fun thing to do.

You can kinda move around and change scenery and just kinda have fun with it instead of being in like a still, boring place. This is technically, you’d call like your third date of sorts.

So essentially what you want to do is just kinda chat with her. You said “I’m trying here”, so I assume you’re kind of, you know going for Pokestops, you might be kind of a quirky dude. I’m setting you up for the first kiss here, kinda just, when the conversation lulls a little bit dude and you guys are making the eye contact and the tension is kinda building, you’re not really saying much and she’s talking and things kind of start to slow down. Just because she’s going out on a second date with you, and going out on a walk for Pokestops and stuff like that means that she’s into you dude. All you really gotta do is, like these guys say, wait for the right moment.

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