Dating tips for bad boys dating hamster wheel

by  |  28-Aug-2017 10:46

He started to phone her, and the attraction felt relaxed. They start to have this casual relationship - three or four days together that were pure bliss: passionate lovemaking, nights of incredible warmth where they were able to sleep and be together, and just hang out.

Unfortunately, just as she was beginning to relax inside the affair, he began to drink more and more.

After all, the choice is clear in your mind: Staying is easier than facing abandonment.

My client, Stephanie, aged 35, is a junior agent for a high profile agency.

If you find yourself locked into a lust ridden on-again-off-again affair and riding the emotional roller coaster - get clear about what the problems are before you get off.

While most of us debate the pros and cons of staying versus leaving, you may find yourself focusing solely on the reasons to stay.

Here’s what you can do: Write a list of all the bad things he has done to you.

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