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The next, time you are traveling – put your I-phone down, drop the Blackberry and look for an opportunity to help a women – no mater her age – with her bag. Write a review from your same account you bought the book through (An honest review). Be sure to watch the video of Ryan try to FAIL with Kindle. I scream for KISS, Motley Crew or George Strait (I love his tight ropers! Women love seeing a man put his creative juices on and entertain! If she was an involved and smart women, she has done some personal development of her own, or gotten therapy about it. Those are the men who are creative and willing to try new things and fail! Once someone is a “published” author there are many things that happen. People love people who are willing to be in the spotlight. Women scream for Singers of bands that have bad hair and tight pants. Knowing this information about someone can be critical in the selection process.

I wrote a book, and it is now published on Amazon Kindle. There is a sexiness to being an Author, Actor, Singer or Musician. Hot younger women love Actors, Authors and Musicians… Or by the way she talked to your buddy, when you introduced her that she has daddy issues…

Your name is officially an Author – like being an Actor. I call it: “How to select Women Wisely” Wouldn’t you want to know, from behavior patterns that you saw on the first or second date – that she was insecure, and that would lead to issues of crazy behavior if you broke up.

Consider, what would your life be like at work, at home, with women – after you have a best selling book on Amazon!?! Be the Best Man You Know How to Be – the rest will take care of itself!!! I met Isabella personally (I shared her private information with you last night). There is still an amazement and intrigue from people when you tell a complete stranger that you are and published author. Thank you to more of the following Outstanding and supportive men who bought my book on Amazon last week.

It is true, no matter what you look like, how much money you have in your bank account, no matter how bald you are… I am not saying that you have to write a book, or play the guitar, or write a movie… Last week, I shared with you a special link that my mentor Ryan Deiss is sharing how he has driven sales up to 50,000 download multiple books on Kindle from Amazon. Having women in your home town know who you are the moment you walk into a bar or local restaurant. I have personally sent you an email direct from me and a private link to an exclusive audio interview I did with Shelley M.

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