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Possible that I may see him soon – I hope so at least – towards the end of March.

I’m going to try to go to Arles once more tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to see if I can bear the journey and ordinary life without the attacks recurring.

I think you were lucky to see Who are we Impressionists to act like them already? ‘who will give back to the soul that which the breath of revolutions has taken away’ – that’s the cry of a poet of the other generation who seemed to have a premonition of our present weaknesses, our sicknesses, our confusions.

Below is a list of the local and national businesses that took time from their busy schedule to help our Year 8 students focus on which career path to persue.

For further information on these businesses please click on them to be taken to their website.

Below are the winning entries, well done if your poster is shown! Finally, a thank you to all those involved in making the day a success and the business representatives who held stands at the careers fair.

A huge thank you to those who supported us throughout the day, particularly, Mrs Catherine Duce, Mr Mark Eves, Mr Nilesh Patel and Mr Phil Thomas and who all supported during the "speed dating workshop", Hannah Robinson from University of East Anglia who delivered an assembly on life at University and Mrs Addison-Paul, who helped organise the careers fair.

Thinking like this, but very far off, the desire comes over me to remake myself and try to have myself forgiven for the fact that my paintings are, however, almost a cry of anguish while symbolizing gratitude in the rustic sunflower.

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