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You're thinking I am a man who values substance over style and it turns you on.

Woman: No, I'm thinking I'll date anything that has a job.

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Then we film our clients so prospective dates can screen each other for compatibility." The man continues, "For an extra fee we supply special effects to make you appear more manly.

We dress you up as Mary Tyler Moore and have you bottle feeding this plastic dying dolphin." Dilbert replies, "No, too sensitive. Can I love you for your money and your vanilla-scented body lotion?

" Dogbert says, "Because it shows self-awareness." Dilbert says, "She might grow to love me." Dogbert says, "And...

Dilbert says, "I think my girlfriend is only dating me to get free tech support." Dogbert says, "I'm very surprised you think that." Dilbert says, "Because it's unlikely?

Dilbert: I discovered that I can wear my tube clothing in the shower! I used kunk fu to divert an asteroid that was on a collision course with Earth.

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