Drew seeley and amy paffrath still dating christian dating advice for college students

by  |  11-Apr-2017 23:43

"There's a huge difference between season one and season two," she explained.

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She said that made it easier to cast the second season.

"The first season people were blindly going into this, allowing us to film them naked, so they had no idea what the end result would be," she explained. We really get that drama, but there's a lot of love too.

The couples share the cringe-worthy awkwardness that has become synonymous with first dates on camera - but they're completely naked the entire time.

Now that the series is in its second season, a newly revamped format is helping to bring vulnerability, honesty and confidence back to the forefront of the dating show genre, one blurred out private area at a time.

"Now they do, so we've got a great mix of people and from all over the U. Kerri's gonna get a couple of great dates over the next few of weeks that she really starts to fall for, so it's such an exciting season just to see it all the way through with the story arc from the beginning to the end." Contestants who signed up for the first season were embarking on a new platform in dating reality, but now people have a better understanding of what to expect when signing up for "Dating Naked." Paffrath "They're in very safe hands," she said.

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