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The women working in the brothel received a fixed salary and additional money per recorded sex act and per online show for the website subscribers, with average pay of about €3,000 per month.

Every seven years, Vulcan males and females become aroused.

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Mc Coy to undergo the mating ritual and save his life.

Additionally, Spock experienced an accelerated version of pon farr due to the Genesis planet's influence in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as a young man. In the Voyager episode "Blood Fever" Vulcan Ensign Vorik experiences pon farr and attempts to mate with B'Elanna Torres.

This every-seven-years business was taken too literally by too many people who don't stop and understand. I mean, every seven years would be a little bad, and it would not explain the Vulcans of many different ages which are not seven years apart.

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