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When his father opened the gate, two police officers rushed in and carted Tekle off in handcuffs to a police station.

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” officials asked during his interrogation, according to an affidavit Tekle filed with U. ” Officials at the Eritrean Embassy in Washington and at the Permanent Eritrean Mission to the United Nations did not respond to requests for comments about Tekle’s allegations of forced conscription and abuse by the Eritrean military.

A State Department human rights report this month said forced conscription is common in Eritrea.

He got names and numbers for smugglers in various countries and references about reliability and cost. But after a visit to the airport, Tekle’s Brazilian smuggler decided that it would be safer for Tekle to take a bus to Venezuela and to continue on to Colombia by bus. In Colombia, a smuggler named John offered to use the South African passport to get Tekle through Bogota’s airport immigration checks and then to Honduras. Tekle balked and turned to another smuggler, who asked for $450 to get him into Panama.

At the Colombian border, Tekle said, he and other migrants each bribed the border guards with $100. The journey took three days and included hikes and boat rides. After weeks in detention, he was deported to Colombia to a refugee camp. He traveled to San Andres, a Colombian island in the Caribbean Sea, hoping to make it from there to Nicaragua.

Tekle’s schoolmates cheered as guards escorted him away.

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