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A (usually) comedic variation, in which everyone else is getting away with worse misdeeds but one character Can't Get Away with Nuthin' for a lesser misdeed, is Selective Enforcement.

Very often, this is paired with Chekhov's Gun, as attention wouldn't be brought to the misdeed if it wasn't going to be relevant later on.

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The phone systems will usually allow users hear a chatline greeting example so the caller can get an idea of what he is expected to say.

Profanity and sexual references are typically not allowed, the chatline moderator's job is to listen and approve every greeting that is recorded.

A live caller is given the option to hear other members' mailboxes, where they can leave a recorded message to be retrieved by the mailbox owner next time he connects to the system.

Many people confuse phone chat lines with adult hotlines or phone sex lines, so it is worth it to clarify the difference.

Thousands of singles use Livelinks’ phone dating line to connect with other singles looking for love.

Free nashville sex chat lines on the phone

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