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by  |  18-Jul-2016 15:24

In last financial year there were 4000 membership cancellation – I assume that as they don’t have proper cancellation policy, these are the people who have not paid Annual Subscription Fees (ASF) & there membership was automatically cancelled.

Club Mahindra Holidays can advertise “Happy Families” but truth is 44% of members are not availing their holidays. First & biggest reason is there is a gap between number of members & inventory (number of units) available in the resorts.

Each day one takes 4-5 financial decisions and if not more, there is a fair chance that few of them will prove to be wrong. (If decision was wrong – cost Rs 1500-2000 if tickets bought in Royale or Rs 500-1000 if bought tickets for Executive class and additional loss of Rs 200-300 if buying Pepsi or eatables – even choosing large or small Pepsi is a financial decision – impact Rs 100 on budget) Let me also share that one decision which is blunder for one person can be a small mistake for other & for third person it may also prove to be right – again financial planner’s favorite line “it depends on person to person”.

Sometime money involved can be small for eg going for new released movie. So why I am saying Club Mahindra Membership is MY biggest mistake (in short) – because: Membership is also divided in these categories where you can utilize holiday in your season or lower.

They say But learning from own mistake is really expensive….

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