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Sometimes life is simple and you’ll be asked, “Do you want to go on a date?

While dates and hangouts can be different in activity, sometimes your budget doesn’t allow for extravagant dinners or a movie each weekend.…

If foods are mishandled, however, foodborne bacteria can grow and, if pathogens are present, cause foodborne illness — before or after the date on the package.

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The relays cannot be deemed good just by looking at them. and then t for volts on the pin that goes to the lights. Hcm is what you should see on the legend for the power distribution center. fuse 3 and 4 are for the low beams, Since both do not work I doubt fuses are your problem.

Its not interchangeable with any if the other relays in the box. being this is a CAN car what I see in the wiring diagram is the the high and low come out the body control module located left of steering coloum under dash. If they do your problem will be the wire or the BCM or the Multifuntion switch.

i have a 20 pontiac gxp (among other repairs needed but have absolutely no $ for) the ghts have stopped working completely (DRL at night), while high-beams fog lamps,etc. my first thought was the fuses nothing appeared wrong with any,tho still replaced -no fix. also checked the fuses relays for this issue,but again nothing,no fix! as stated went to auto stores,talked to them borrowed tools from them to remove headlamp assemblies (freezing my arse off);bought fuses i could afford borrowed bulbs to no avail. The b thing they have is contacts in the charitable world and maybe they can steer you toward a place where you can stay temporarily so you can get back to work and have your own place again. so as far as my module goes so the module is located somewhere unseen likely i cant get to myself? With this you can get the wiring diagrams and symptoms troubletree so you can better address this. By ohmingthe relay you can determine what pins are for the BCM side. Pull the relay halfway out and you may be able to t. If you still only have 2 volt sources its not energized.

truly unable to take it to auto repair place for a diagnostic or anything else! The Salvation Army and United Way are also places you should check out. But these may help you more than just fixing your car. hmm also cant myself take the steering column apart to see if the issue is the switch wiring. gosh im getting confused guess im rather stuck but just one more crapping thing unable to effectively deal with,do much about, so sick of it all :(. Do not add volts to these pins or you will damage the BCM if you touch the ground wire that goes to the BCM. Your missing the ground from the BCM which in turn gets its ground from the Multifunction switch.

-im just an abandoned disabled army wife in increasingly dire circumstances barely have $ for little food,gas,insurance,fee for storage-from which selling all remaining possessions is only means of any monies to try to survive on for months now. You need to stop this decent into homelessness before it is too late. This forum is international but that category is local. well to those whove responded do appreciate your time effort to try to help me out. Since high and low beam on the MFSwitch both get thier ground from the same location, if the high works and the low does not then the problem is possibly the multifuntion switch or BCM. If you add a ground on this wire as it enters the BCM and the lights work then the problem is the multifuntion switch.


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