Friendship and dating christian Private dirty chat room for men

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We learn things that could possibly be deal breakers way before we would date them.Because if you think it's killing you to be "just friends," considering you are so physically attracted to her, just date her and then see how hard is! It's best to wait and let God tell you when you need to make a move. I have never, ever, ever met anyone who married someone and wished they had skipped friendship to be married.I would like to continue getting to know her as a friend, but I'm struggling to know whether to try and cut out my feelings for her..wait and see if she starts to feel the same way?

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QUESTION: I recently asked a girl out, but she said no, explaining that she liked me just as a friend and wanted to continue getting to know me (we haven't known each other very long).

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What I am hearing is a struggle between the ways of the world and the ways of God.

To be honest, I would want to just be your friend at first too!

Friendship and dating christian

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