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It turns into a bar at night, but quickly retreats back to a restaurant, especially on Sunday morning for brunch dates.

College town in general is a romantic spot for couples, with Moda’s Italian restaurant and frozen yogurt for nearby dessert.

Of course, there are always exceptions and those who are truly serious about finding a partner.

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In a case like this, it is very easy to meet multiple people through mutual friends from your Greek organization.

This is one of the reasons people rush to be a member of Greek life in the first place.

It promises meeting people, whether that be a strong group of friends or a significant other.

Whatever the case, if you are really looking, you are bound to eventually meet someone in those four years through just your Greek organization alone.

So, while FSU may have a number of couples frolicking along its beautiful grounds, this does not necessarily mean that these students have officially met the loves of their lives.

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