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Level lets you adjust the volume level of the outgoing signal, Tone controls the bass/treble response, and Drive lets you set up your desired gain level.

I have a DRRI and want to get a better overdroven tone.

At the moment, I have an attenuator and a Bad Monkey, which serves me as a clean boost at the moment because the tone is pretty piss weak compared to another band member's Marshall.

The overdrive pedals I selected are: Price: ~ 100$ Ibanez TS 808 and TS 9 tubescreamer pedals are considered the holy grails of overdrive pedals by many guitarists.

Dating back to the 70s, these pedals have found a way into a lot of people's pedalboards, including mine. There are three controls for tweaking the sound of the overdrive: Drive, Tone, and Level.

As a centaur clone , this pedal is a great clean boost option for those who want a transparent , clear sound and ir really shows some grit when you start to to the drive control knob up.

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