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The study shows that most Thai women living in Germany are satisfied with their new life but also reveals the unique challenges they face in a foreign environment.

One key finding was that many Thai women were initially unprepared when they first arrived on German soil.

It is now estimated that there are over 45,000 Thai brides in Germany beginning with a trend that took off in the 1960's and 1970s when Thai women began marrying Germans particularly those employed in private industry and farming.

Many Thai brides now live in Germany's cities with the biggest number living in Dusseldorf followed by Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin and Wiesbaden.

In recent years, the Thai government has established increased services and a special division with the Department of Foreign Affairs aimed at supporting Thai women living abroad.

This comes as there is increasing evidence that a small minority of Thai women, particularly those without language skills or education, are being exploited or abandoned in some foreign countries.

Germany is the third most favored foreign country for Thai brides.

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