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Last month, Duggar family fans learned that Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got engaged after just a few short months of courting.

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Or perhaps Jed decided to simply be the bigger man and prioritize his relationship with his brother over his relationship with Kendra, also 18.

(Interestingly, Jedidiah was linked to Caldwell's family - along with his brother and her sister - after Jinger's wedding episode earlier this year.) It may sound as though Kendra Caldwell didn't have much say in the matter herself, and in all likelihood, she didn't.

The extortionists were given a choice: accept $25,000 for all negatives or the mob would kill them and take the negatives.

In another version of the story, Mannix simply shelled out $100k for the negatives.

According to the rules of the patriarchal society in which the Duggars live, women are by and large subservient to the men in their lives.

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