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consider having a 30-second conversation (max) about something they’ve done that connected with you, or asking them if they’ve tried Vietnamese iced coffee, or been to the Turrell Skyspace. If your friends need photographic proof of your encounter to believe you, get new friends.For most, Super Bowl VIII wasn’t terribly memorable, with the Miami Dolphins coasting to a win over the Minnesota Vikings.

With four seconds left, the Patriots scored a 41-yard field goal for the win—the second in what would ultimately be three titles in four seasons under the Tom Brady–led in NFL history to run the table with a perfect season.

For most of this match, it appeared they would do just that.

But a brilliant nine-play, 88-yard drive by the Giants and Eli Manning proved to be the game winner, highlighted by one of the most unbelievable moments in Super Bowl history, when Manning narrowly escaped a sack and heaved the ball downfield to David Tyree, who caught the ball with one hand, pinning it against his helmet.

A thoughtful 2010 redesign made this historic park a destination, offering regular movie screenings, bingo nights and local markets on the lawn, not to mention a Niko Niko’s outpost hawking the city’s favorite Greek gyros.

And this year, with Houston hosting the Big Game, the city is offering about 100 million ways to celebrate, too.

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