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by  |  02-Sep-2017 19:17

To Make-a-Friend: SMS FF to 90686 3 messengers, 1 sign in – Sign in to SMS Chat and chat with all your Yahoo, MSN or ICQ friends on the go.

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I've spent some time chatting to various people using ICQ and MSN, on and off over a period of about 2 years.

You can cover this first period very quickly if you go at it long enough each day/evening, and then you're like "Errrm... " Eventually you or they just can't be bothered any more with a pointless exchange of pleasantries, and you they just remain a name on a contact list.

I've been lucky enough to not meet any of these, but I've been reliably informed that once they get hold of one of your primary real-life contacts such as mobile, landline or email, then they are harder to get rid of than a Readers Digest subscription.

More fun are the ones who are delusional, and tell you that they're on the run from the police or something.

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