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Shortly after their graduation, they resumed their mission by attacking the city of Trost and breaking down the external gate.

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All three established themselves among the top cadets, excelling in their training and eventually graduating just behind Mikasa Ackerman as the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place graduates.

They also established close bonds with several other cadets, befriending Eren and Armin in spite of their roles in destroying Shinganshina.

With a menacing hook replacing the hand that Peter Pan cut off and fed to a crocodile, the Jolly Roger’s captain terrorises the people of Neverland.

The Grand High Witch (of all the world) The Witches Arguably Roald Dahl’s most terrifying baddy, “the most evil woman in creation” is on a quest to rid the world of children, using horrifying techniques such as trapping them in paintings and turning them into mice with poisoned chocolate.

But when his actions fail to dampen the Whos’ Christmas spirit, the Grinch learns to love festivity and humanity, causing his heart to grow three times larger.

Intimidating trio

If you want to see them without clothes then you are supposed to bring out your gold card.…
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