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That whole dimension of the "rock lifestyle" seemed to me far too dreary and tedious to even be called decadent.

I found nothing exciting, nor did I find anything shocking about the rock musicians portrayed in this book. Coincidentally, I found this part of the book less well written as well. After being violated as a little girl by hypocritically religiously-correct men, she is subsequently treated like a little dog by numerous deceptive rock musicians.

Unfortunately, this very fact, in my view, limits the scope and possibilities of the narrative.

That plus the last picture with her wearing a full length chador: great for dramatic effect, but, although women have to be covered in Iran, such gloomy attire is not de rigueur for women there.

If Shirazi had focused a little more on these stories, instead of her race to the bottom to tell the most depraved backstage encounter, we'd have a close to perfect book.

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