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star and fiancée Rebecca Jefferson said "I Do" and got married Saturday afternoon in a romantic ceremony near Los Angeles. local time, featured touching vows written by the bride and groom.

I take a pic like this EVERY YEAR making fun of the fact that I’m the only single one in the couples pic. Go enjoy your family, and stop worrying about OURS!!

” Gross shared this year’s photo along with ones taken in 20. Turns out this really is an inside joke among friends.

The look on her face didn’t help the controversy much, as she looks like she is having some feelings about what is happening.

One commenter went so far as to say, “This picture says whte supremacy has won the self hate is deep.” Another stated, “Should I have an issue that all the ‘wives’ are light-skinned or that the one brown skin sister doesn’t have a mate or is not in a ‘couple’! ” — Lance Gross blasts Instagram user for joking about his daughter: ‘Don’t joke about my family, fall back with the BS’ — Some defended the picture, with one person saying “This is a nice couples picture.

"It was a perfect night for the two and they couldn't ask for a better wedding," a source revealed to E! "Everyone was dancing the night away." While the Hollywood couple tried to keep things quiet on social media, Gross teased fans about his weekend outfit choice when he opted to take the "classic route" with head-to-toe Tom Ford. News that the pair was indeed engaged and expecting their first child together back in July 2014."GOD has Gifted me.

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