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Throughout his trial, Millan had protested his innocence, pointing to his clean criminal record in Mexico as evidence that he was a law-abiding citizen.

Defense attorney Jaime Cavazos also called a character witness who testified that Millan was a 'a good father and human being...'KSAT news reported the witness saying Millan was 'a happy person, a good father, responsible and law abiding.'Cavazos tried to paint Millan as a humble farmer, saying he ran a small ranch in Mexico where he bought and sold pigs and goats. said afterwards: 'Without mercy or compunction, he brutally murdered anyone and everyone as it suited him and his cartel, at times inflicting the cruelest of pain, forcing relatives to watch their loved ones murdered before he turned his blades on them.

Among them was the six-year-old girl who he butchered on the patio of her home in front of her parents to ensure they would 'remember' him.

They were hired, predominantly, as bodyguards and assassins and there were 31 of them in total to begin with.

Their name translates to 'The Zs' and is derived from the code names given to their leaders - all of which start with the letter Z.

A Mexican cartel leader who dismembered a six-year-old girl with an axe then burned her limbs as he made her parents watch has been sentenced to multiple life sentences in an American prison.

Marciano Millan Vasquez, 34, was jailed for his involvement in the deaths of 29 people which he carried out for Zetas, a drug gang which operates in northern Mexico, between 20.

De werelds mooiste meisjes zijn onbedorven, puur en vriendelijk in de omgang.

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